Green Cleaning with doTERRA


Why Green Clean?
• Safe for you and your family
• Easy on the pocket
• Highly effective
• Environmentally friendly
• Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals may cause short-term and long-term health problems when you use them.1

• Children are often more vulnerable to chemical exposure during developmental stages, and certain chemicals may interfere with the development of their neurological, endocrine, and immune systems.2 Main routes of exposure: eating, drinking, breathing, and touching.

• Younger children have higher respiratory rates than adults, therefore they absorb more air contaminants per unit of weight, meaning they experience a higher inhaled dose.2

• According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside a typical home is 200–500 percent more polluted than the air outside mainly due to toxic household cleaning products.

Must-Have Basics

Absorbs and eliminates odor. Use to clean countertops, sinks, and tubs. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and vacuum after 15 minutes for a fresher look and feel.

Contains natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cuts grease and dissolves mineral deposits.

Lifts dirt, cuts grease, and eliminates tough stains. Pour a small amount over baking sheets and pans then scrub for a few minutes, and you’ll have clean, shiny results.

Salt is an effective scouring agent. Pour salt mixed with hot water down the kitchen sink regularly to deodorize and keep grease from building up. Mix salt with Lemon essential oil and use to remove stubborn coffee and tea cup stains.

Great natural cleaner and polisher. Rub it into leather or polish wood surfaces. Flip to page 24 for more details.

• Lemon
• Lime
• Wild Orange
• Douglas Fir
• Eucalyptus
• Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
• Purify Cleansing Blend
• Thyme
• Peppermint
• doTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend
• doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

Tip: Replace toxic air fresheners with a diffuser.


Soft Scrub for Bath, Tile, and Toilet
Make in small batches and store in an airtight container. This is enough for two to four applications. This soft scrub is excellent for getting rid of soap scum, removing stains, and brightening your tile and toilet. To use, just apply and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then scrub.
Once done scrubbing, take a wet cloth and wipe clean.
3/4 rounded cup baking soda
1/4 cup liquid castile soap
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon vinegar
5-10 drops Lemon essential oil
Editor’s note: Liquid castile soap is a vegetable-based soap commonly found in health food stores. Dr. Bronner’s is a popular one. Look for unscented. This scrub is also great to use to help clean your kitchen sink, refrigerator, or tile floors.
1. In bowl, combine baking soda and castile soap.
2. Add water and stir.
3. Add vinegar and essential oil. The consistency should be a soft paste.
4. Store in airtight container.
5. Add ingredients directly to partially drained bowl. As it reacts, scrub toilet.
Note: This combination is intended for one use at a time.


Glass Cleaner

Chemicals in cleaning supplies can be hazardous to your health and the environment. Take the risk out of household cleaners by making your own cleaners at home. They’re affordable, easy, eco-friendly, and more effective than store-bought cleaners.

16-ounce spray bottle
1 1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup distilled water
8 drops of any citrus oil of your choice (could use Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, or a combination)

Add vinegar, water, and essential oil(s) to spray bottle and shake. You are ready to clean!


Wood Polish Cleaner

Wood furniture is an investment and it is important to take care of it. Although polishing wood furniture should only be done every couple months, it is important to continually keep it clean by dusting it or wiping it with a damp wet microfiber cloth.

Bring back the shine to your favorite tables, countertops, floors, and more with this simple recipe for homemade wood polish with doTERRA essential oils.

1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
10 drops doTERRA essential oils (Wild Orange, Arborvitae, or Lemon)
8-ounce glass spray bottle

1. Add olive oil and vinegar to glass spray bottle.
2. Add 10 drops of essential oil.
3. Shake well before each use.
4. Apply to microfiber cloth and wipe wood surfaces clean. Repeat every 2-3 months or as often as needed.


• 1 gallon warm water
• 2 tablespoon liquid castile
• 5 drops Douglas Fir essential oil
• 5 drops White Fir essential oil
• 5 drops Cypress essential oil
• 10 drops Lemon essential oil
1. Add soap and essential oils to bucket of warm water.
2. Use mop or rag to clean floors.
3. Pour into a spray bottle for cleaning countertops.

Note: This solution does not need to be rinsed off


• ½ cup Baking Soda
• 3 tablespoons water
• 10 drops Lemon essential oil
• 10 drops Lime essential oil
1. And water and essential oils to baking soda.
2. Mix into a paste.
3. Rub a small amount onto surface.
4. Let sit for 20 minutes.
5. Wipe off with wet cloth.

Front Load Washer Cleaner
Spray inside of rubber with vinegar and melaleuca oil and sprinkle baking soda all around. Using a narrow scrub brush scrub the inside of the rubber. Next, run a Tub Clean cycle with the leftover baking soda, vinegar, and melaleuca oil.


Foaming Hand Soap

2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (unscented)
1 tablespoon Fractionated Coconut oil
10 drops essential oils of choice (I use On Guard)

Note: We used five drops of Peppermint and five drops of Melaleuca essential oil

1. Pour castile soap and Fractionated Coconut Oil into the bottle.
2. Add essential oils.
3. Slowly add water into bottle making sure to leave room for the foaming pump.
4. Add lid, shake, and you are good to go!
5. When ready to use, just pump 1-2 times into hands and wash with warm water


Vacuum Refresher
1 Kleenex
3-4 drops Lemongrass
Vacuum it up and the whole space will smell fresh! (Plus Lemongrass is an insect repellant and natural deodorizer)


Antibacterial (Lysol) Spray

16 oz glass spray bottle add 30 drops On Guard and fill with water. Spray dog bed, toys, shopping carts, etc.

Check out more DIYs at

Being the Best You

When I say “self-help,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? When I ask people that question they usually respond with negative connotations about the phrase. In my life, I have never been one to read novels or literature that doesn’t help me in one way or another. When I recommend books to people, I’m not implying you need help! I’m pretty much implying that I do.
I will never say I am the best-version-of-myself at any point. I wake up everyday and ask myself, how can I be a better person today? Who can I serve? I strive to be the-best-version-of-myself and I choose to start my day with this mentality.
What book am I reading right now? It’s called, Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. I love this author first of all because his values and religious beliefs are in sync with mine and he truly inspires me to better myself.
When I wake up in the morning I have a routine and when I stick to the routine I tend to have a better day. This is how it goes.
I wake up and stretch. Then I apply my Gratitude oil (a roller bottle filled with the essential oils of Frankincense, Wild Orange, White Fir topped with fractionated coconut oil) over my heart, on the palm of my hands rub them together and place my hands over my nose and take a few deep breaths. While doing this I acknowledge the gifts God has given me and thank him for his presence. Then I grab my Bible and The Word Among Us to read and meditate on the reading of the day. By this point at least 2 of my 3 kids are awake and that’s fine! I make it a point to finish this morning ritual of mine so I can set the pace for the day (God knows I need as much help as I can get).
Do you have a morning routine? If you don’t, try making one. If it’s just to stretch and acknowledge your blessings, great! I believe when we start our day with stating the things we are grateful for, it puts positivity in the lead then we are more cognizant of continuing the day with positivity.
Matthew Kelly says in his book, “Life is messy, and it is not enough just to talk about the mess. We are each called to do something about it.” It is so easy to talk about our problems. Resistance wants us to talk about our problems. Resistance is doing what we know will not make us happy but we do it anyway. Talking about all the negative things in life will not make you nor myself happy. It just won’t. So next time you have a choice between doing what is right and what is easy, fight the resistance and choose what you know is right and will make you happy!


Do you have kids? Than you know the saying, when it rains it pours.

February I gave birth to my third child in Nevada. My parents live in San Diego so my mom came up for the birth but wasn’t able to stay long because, believe it or not, my sister was also due with her baby! My mom left Nevada back for San Diego when Edith was just a few days old. My husband went back to work the same morning and I was left with 3 kids by myself for the first time. That morning, my 1 year old woke up covered in vomit! Alas, so did my 3 year old son. What else was there to do other than cry and feel sorry for myself? Here I was, alone for the first time and 2 of my 3 kids had the stomach flu for the first time.
This is why I read self help books. Bathing in my own pity party was not going to help me or my kids so I decided to put my positive pants on. The best thing to do in this situation was to talk out loud and thank God for my kids. For giving me the opportunity to be there for my kids when they needed me. Resistance wanted in. It would have been easy to resist the happiness. Instead I gave resistance the boot and chose happiness. In the end and the long run it made me feel better then and now!
Try it.
When I choose to make the decision that will help me be the-best-version-of-myself, I am filled with grace. When I choose what I know is not good for me or negative, the grace and joy dissipates.

Choose Joy. Notice when resistance shows itself and tell him who’s boss!

Check it out…
Matthew Kelly’s book
doTERRA essential oils
The Word Among Us

Plant Therapy // Essential Oils


I started using essential oils about four years ago when my husband and I had our first child, Peter. When I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted the best for him and to improve the lifestyle of our growing family by getting rid of chemicals in our home. I started by experimenting with essential oils.

The first blend I ever made was an antibacterial immune support spray which included a blend called “4 Thieves.” I used this spray on everything my baby came into contact with and also frequently applied it directly to his hands after being out in public. He hardly ever got sick and I believe it was due to my diligence using the spray.

I began using different kinds of oils for different reasons and they all seemed to have positive effects. After seeing the oils work again and again, I became committed to using them in every area of our family’s life. An essential oil is simply a concentrated liquid containing compounds from plants in a bottle. You cannot get any more organic and natural than that…

I have used over five different brands of oils over the years but only one gained my complete loyalty. I have only used one brand of oil since the first time I used a dōTERRA essential oil.
The first question I asked is if they were organic. Essential oils are not regulated so it is up to the companies to ensure quality and purity. After thorough research I learned that dōTERRA does the most rigorous testing of their oils and is the only company that sources its oils in season and in their unique environments. dōTERRA oils are:

• Pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
• Free from fillers or artificial ingredients; no dilution of active qualities
• Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues
• Rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition
• Cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure exact purity and composition potency
• Sourced by a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were carefully harvested at the right time

Are you an essential oil user? Are you interested in starting? I would love to answer any questions you may have about using essential oils in a diffuser, topically, or by consumption. I never used oils for consumption until using dōTERRA and now I do it every single day!

Email me, check out my Instagram (kaylee_kimberly), or logon to if you are ready to purchase the best oils possible for you and your family!

Ew, I’m starting to sound like an infommercial. Sorry.

I use these same oils in so many parts of my, and my family’s, life and I really want you to experience how wonderful they can be for you too.

I know dōTERRA oils are the best but if they don’t fit within your budget, talk to me and I can help you set up an account to buy them wholesale (kinda like Costco)! SCORE!

What recipes could you use? A bum spray for your baby? A chest rub for baby? A blend to purify the air in your home? An all-purpose cleaner? I have loads of recipes and blends I will be sharing, but if there is one in particular that you want to see, let me know. Chances are, I have already done it!


The Domestic Monastery







Ronald Rolheiser author of Prayer: Our Deepest Longing

There is a tradition, strong among spiritual writers, that we will not advance within the spiritual life unless we pray at least an hour a day privately. I was stressing this one day in a talk when a lady asked how this might apply to her, given that she was home with young children who demanded her total attention. “Where would I ever find an uninterrupted hour each day?” she moaned. “I would, I am afraid, be praying with children screaming and tugging at my pant legs.”
A few years ago, I might have been tempted to point out to her that if her life was that hectic then she, of all people, needed time daily away from her children, for private prayer, among other things. As it is, I gave her different advice: “If you are home alone with small children whose needs give you little uninterrupted time, then you don’t need an hour of private prayer daily. Raising small children, if it is done with love and generosity, will do for you exactly what private prayer does.”
Left unqualified, this is a dangerous statement. In fact, it suggests that raising children is a functional substitute for prayer. However, in making the assertion that a certain service- in this case, raising children- in fact can be prayer, I am bolstered by the testimony of contemplatives themselves.
Carlo Carretto, one of our century’s best spiritual writers, spent many years in the Sahara Desert by himself, praying. Yet he once confessed that he felt that his mother, who spent nearly thirty years raising children, was much more contemplative than he was, and less selfish. If that is true, the conclusion that we should draw is not that there was anything wrong with Carretto’s long hours of solitude in the desert, but that there was something very right about the years his mother lived an interrupted life amid the noise and demands of small children.
Certain vocations, such as raising children, offer a perfect setting for living a contemplative life. They provide a desert for reflection, a real monastery. The mother who stays home with small children experience a very real withdrawal from the world. Her existence is certainly monastic. Her tasks and preoccupations remove her from the centers of social life and from the centers of important power. She feels removed. Moreover, her constant contact with young children gives her a privileged opportunity to learn empathy and unselfishness.
Perhaps more so than even the monk or the minister of the Gospel, she is forced, almost against her will, to mature. For years, while she is raising small children, her time is not her own, her needs have to be put unto second place, and every time she turns around some hand is reaching out demanding something. Years of this will mature most anyone.
By Ronald Rolheiser

“The mother who stays home with small children experience a very real withdrawal from the world. Her existence is certainly monastic. Her tasks and preoccupations remove her from the centers of social life and from the centers of important power. She feels removed.”
As I read that for the first time, I began to cry, not out of sadness for myself but out of relief! Not that I have never been encouraged for what I do, but hearing Rolheiser say those words was like being acknowledged for how I felt and being told “it’s okay!” He really opened up my eyes and I clearly understood those feelings are all part of being a mother. When we take those feelings into prayer we are able to be the mothers God intended us to be.
I am guilty of feeling sorry for myself when I feel most alone and removed from the outside world when I am home with my kids. In the past, it has made me feel a deep sadness as I try to fill that void of loneliness with something else. I have been quick to get frustrated with my children when I am just frustrated with myself. I have apologized directly to my kids when this happens because I know they just want me to be that Superhero I always saw my mom as. Moms are invincible in our children’s eyes and that is not something to burden us, rather thank God for that gift he has given to our children.
Since reading the chapter, The Domestic Monastery (thanks Dad), I now fill my void with prayer. When I feel I am too tired to “mother” I say a prayer and look at my children as God’s gift to me, it is my job to treat them as Jesus in disguise. Now instead of seeing motherhood as a task, I treat it as living a monastic life of prayer. I guarantee love and grace will overflow in your home and through your direct relationships when the trials of motherhood are observed through a different light.

God be with all of you mothers and fathers as you become the light in this world for your children.


Cloth Diapering // At Home

DSC_2032 DSC_2020

What kind of cloth diapers do I buy? How many do I need? What are the best ones? Where do I start? Man, when I started it was intimidating and I asked myself all these questions. I don’t have just one type of diaper and I mix and match brands, inserts and doublers.


After testing many brands, mix and matching and actually using them I have a routine and what works for me. You may not like the way I do things but since I invested a lot of money into all these different types of diapers trying to find what I like best, this is what happened. Let me just start with the necessities and what else you may need besides the actual diapers.

Cloth Diaper Accessories/ Must-Haves
Not all diaper creams are cloth diaper safe so you have to be careful or certain creams can stick to the cloth and make it difficult to wash off. I use Lusa Organics religiously for all rashes, for the few my babies get.

Rockin’ Green Hard Core detergent is what I use to wash my cloth diapers and I add Rockin’ Green Funk Rock every so often to keep the ammonia smell at bay. This detergent is the only cloth diaper detergent you will ever need and it lasts a really long time.


Grovia Bioliners are magical and you will never be stuck with gross poop on the cloth before you throw it in the diaper pail. Therefore, no sprayer necessary. Sprayers are used to spray the poop off the diaper into the toilet, but I started using these liners a few years ago and they are serious game changer (no spraying poop off the diaper into the toilet)!
Planet Wise diaper pail liner is what I use to throw all the dirty dipes in. All I use is a plastic trashcan with a lid to keep the smell in. Oh, and I keep a few Munchskin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners at the bottom of the can (not inside the liner).

The Diapers

Grovia diapers are probably my favorite all around. You can reuse the cover a few times and the liners just snap in and out. They are low profile but very absorbent!

I started out with stuff diapers (diapers you have to stuff the liner inside) and I wasn’t a huge fan because you have to stick your hand into the diaper to pull out a wet liner…I would rather not.

I have Rumparooz one size cloth diaper. I am not a huge fan of the microfiber inserts because they are so bulky and just look uncomfortable, but I do use the shell and stuff hemp inserts in them. I use Green Acre Design hemp inserts every single day in every one of my stuff diapers. If you have a super heavy wetter, use a microfiber insert with a hemp insert.
Rumparooz, Thirsties, and FuzziBunz are great covers that I use with hemp inserts or I lay Kissaluv’s Organic fitted diaper inside. I recently started using Kissa’s and I love them! They are the softest cloth diaper I have ever felt!

To start, I would recommend getting at least 16. That way you have enough for a few days and you’re not doing diaper laundry every single day.
I wash all the diapers together including the pail with every wash.
1st: cold rinse with no soap.
2nd: Hot cycle with soap
3rd: cold rinse no soap
4th: Depending on weather, I line dry them outside or throw everything in the dryer with wool dryer balls.

I have a confession at the end of all of this. I have never been one to use cloth diapers outside the home. There, I said it. I use disposable diapers when we are out and about because it is just easier for me. I only buy eco friendly disposables and hands down my favorite disposables are Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth, I bet they will keep your heaviest wetter dry during the night. I also really love Honest Company diapers and their wipes, and they make it REALLY easy to never run out with their bundle plans! Speaking of running out of diapers, when you have cloth diapers on hand you will literally NEVER run out of diapers again! No more nearing the end of disposables and running out in the middle of the night cause you’re out! I love that part.
I hope my diaper information helped those of you who were considering cloth diapering! When I started a lot of people told me you have to be all in or all out if you decide to cloth diaper because it’s just too hard. It’s really not difficult to do both, you just have to be well organized and have to LOVE cloth diapers! Last word of advice, buy the Grovia Bioliners. They will save you from getting too deep in crap…

In these pictures, Catalina is wearing Kissaluv liner and shell.

PCS & Other Baggage

(I’m going to start off by saying that I’m writing this ONLY because both kids are miraculously napping at the same time)



It is what you make of it. Quite true for the most part for everything in life; however, I don’t possess the superpowers to make PCSing continuously easy and enjoyable.

As of today, it has officially been 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks were exciting as I was meeting new people, joining groups/clubs, and staying busy with the kids. The third week is when it started to wear on me because I feel like ALL I do 24/7 is wipe butts, wash dishes, pick up toys, do the laundry, put away the laundry, give baths, make breakfast, make lunch, make dinner, make it to music class, make it to story time, attempt the grocery store only to turn around on the way because one of the kids falls asleep then to wake up once were home again. Phew!

I know a lot of people run a household and raise kids single handedly and survive, but I have always been surrounded by my family for help. I’m not used to not being able to reach out for help when I need it. When I feel like I can’t pick up one more mess off the ground, the sound of whining in my ears is almost white noise. I space off and think about nothing. Seriously, my mind goes blank. I want nothing in my head, I want to “veg” out and think of doing nothing. At this point I knew I needed to change something. I needed to be proactive again in bringing the light back to our little family.

Isn’t it true when they say it takes a village to raise a child? Yes! It has been 3 weeks and I am WORN OUT. I need a break for my sanity and that is the truth.

How can you be the best version of yourself if you continue to take yourself to the breaking point? You can’t. PCSing is hard. Moving is hard. Raising kids along with it is even harder. Try not to make it more difficult on yourself by thinking you can do everything alone; you can’t. It’s not a bad thing at all. You are human. This PCS that took me away from my support system may be a blessing in disguise. I am forced to make decisions for myself and my kids so that I can be a better mother to my children and also a better wife to my husband.

Whether it’s leaving your kid at preschool for the first time, or daycare, I know for certain no one wants to leave their children with “complete strangers.” My husband’s job is putting me in the position to leave my children with someone new; something I never thought I would have to do… yet. I can’t do this by myself anymore and it scares me half to death. I always thought I would stay at home with the kids until Peter started preschool when he turned 4. He is not even 3 yet, but because of my circumstances I need this kid in preschool ASAP. At first I felt bad and I held off the idea of leaving my only son with “complete strangers.” No one should feel bad about this or think you are a bad mom or a bad dad. It is healthy for your children, your family, and you.

McLaughlin195 McLaughlin084

I always imagined leaving my son with “complete strangers” would be the hardest day of my life. Fortunately, it turned out to be a very pleasant experience- what a huge relief! No, I  didn’t know these care takers YET and they are strangers. But as soon as I stepped foot into that daycare/preschool I felt an ease come over me. The women there were so nice and were so interested in Peter. They talked about all the activities they were going to do and all the new friends he would meet and his face lit up like I’ve never seen before!

PCSing is hard. Moving is hard. Raising kids along with it is even harder. Try not to make it more difficult on yourself. There are so many opportunities available that can make the transition easier. All you have to do is trust. I know they are strangers and it’s difficult to trust someone you don’t know, but get to know them! Take baby steps and have them over for lunch just to hang out with the family and when you feel more comfortable, take the next step and leave the kids with them while you run an errand. Take baby steps and listen to your gut.

In honor of Memorial Day, I just want to say thank you to all the moms and dads serving in our military that stay strong for their families during hard times PCSing. Thank you to all the families I have met that while I had/ have a hard time being away from one support system, I now know that I am making a new one.

Thank you Kristina of Anza Foto and Film for capturing these sweet moments with my greatest support system.






Bars // My life Source (besides coffee)

Pilot is always making fun of me for eating bars so often. So often that it was one of Peter’s first words asking for one, “ Baw, Pweese.” As a mother, I am always looking for healthy food choices while I am out and I don’t like stopping to eat crappy food. I started looking for high protein, organic, non-gmo, vegan options, with vitamins and raw! Alas, it’s been over 2 years of hunting for my favorite bars that include all of or most of the above options! Drink a large glass of water with any of these bars and you will have sustained energy to get done what you need to without going hungry until dinner time!


Greens Plus Bar Protein – My top favorites because it’s dense and packs the protein to keep me full for a few hours. Plus, I love the taste!

Greens Plus Bar Energy – Not as dense but it does give me the energy I need because it contains loads of chia seeds.

Pure Organic – Dessert. This really does taste like a brownie and when you eat it with a large glass of water it will keep you full for a while. This bar is my excuse to eat something sweet when I am trying to stay away from sugar.

MacroBar – This bar wins the taste test for all around, with no bad aftertaste and chocolate chips, Gomacro knew what they were doing!

Vega One – Filling! I do have to warn you about the after taste with this one, however, this bar contains 1 billion dairy-free probiotics!

Garden of Life Perfect Food – I just love this brand! The bar contains 21 vegetables, probiotics, fermented seed and sprouted grain.


They don’t look like much, but this is one big pile of protein, fiber, probiotics and foods that you can feel good about! I really hope you like these bars as much as I do. I know individually they can be pricey but just think about how much you would spend eating out and then these will actually save you money!

Easter Bunny is Coming!


Here is a little compilation of Easter basket goodies for Peter and Catalina. I always enjoy putting a bathing suit in the basket to get excited about Spring (even though we have been swimming all winter long, thanks San Diego).

1. You must include Annie’s Homegrown Bunnies snacks. I don’t like putting candy in the kid’s baskets cause one I won’t let Peter eat it (he will be given plenty from cousins, aunts and uncles) and two, there are so many healthier options these days!

2.Peter loves to finger paint and now he can with Pinky! Eco-finger paint has made it possible for Pinky to join in on the fun and now I don’t have to worry about her eating it!

3. I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears and now reading it to my kids brings back all those wonderful memories. I especially love this Easter book because it’s not all about bunnies and candy but about the reason we celebrate Easter,  Jesus is Risen!

4. I have been buying Native shoes for Peter since he was walking and I love how they are so easy to clean and of course easy to take on and off!

5. Who loves short shorts?! Peter loves short shorts! Why should the boys be stuck with white legs while the girls get a nice tan? Boden swim trunks look so cute on Peter and he gets a nice tan!

6. Hola?! I mean, c’mon, this bathing suit for Pinky is a no-brainer. Thanks J. Crew.

7. There is nothing like a pair of jellies on little girls. Mini Melissa has these Mary Jane type jellies that I die for!

I hope you like our Spring picks! All these items were approved by Peter and Pinky themselves!

Distraction-Free Spouse Time

I always tell those who are pregnant with their first to take advantage of distraction-free naps and time alone with your spouse! Pilot and I were pretty good in the beginning, after having Peter, about going on a date night at least once a month. Of course, life happens and we realized it had been 4 months without time alone! Parenting takes its toll and I am able to tell by less patience and oh yea, who’s that man I lay in bed with every night?

This past weekend Pilot and I were able to attend a wedding in New Orleans. Yeehaw! Right?! Well, those of you who are reading this and have not done a date night since your first child… 5 years ago, know why this is easier said than done. When we first got the save-the-date for the wedding Pilot looked at me and without saying anything I knew, we have to go. “But it’s so hard for me to leave the kids!” Waaaa. That’s me. I’m so guilty of this but when this opportunity came up I sucked it up, packed my pump, and left for the airport.

Our past year has been especially difficult. Pilot left on deployment when I was only 2 months pregnant and didn’t officially return until a week before Catalina was born (She is 6 months old now)! So, we have not spent quality time together in a really long time. We needed this, and for all of you who are thinking to yourself of all the excuses that are stewing in your head, knock it off!

I was quick to come up with plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t go to New Orleans; however, I eventually came up with the solutions below.

Reasons I shouldn’t go:

#1: I am nursing.

#2: I hate pumping.

#3: I don’t want to get mastitis again (I have had it 5 times between my 2 kids)!

#4: I’m going to miss them too much to sleep at night.

#5: I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a babysitter.


#1: Take the dang pump!

#2: Suck it up and pump. The fun will outweigh the suckiness (no pun intended).

#3: Ummm…yea, kinda crossed my fingers on that one.

#4: You really won’t miss the kids if they are with someone you trust.

#5: My sister and her husband watched both my kids! They are the wind beneath my wings! I understand not everyone has this luxury, but if you have good friends that can take the kids or sibling, parents, just reassure them that when it’s time for them to want to get away, you will be there for them!

Once we landed in New Orleans we went straight to the hotel, unpacked, then hit the French Quarter. We went to Acme Oyster House and had the most delicious charbroiled oysters!!! I grew up eating raw oysters in Mexico but this was a game changer! Then we stopped in Mango Mango for the largest Hurricane they had. Pilot and I walked Bourbon street, sipped our slushies (Daiquiris), and did some of the most legit people watching. I smiled a few times when I would see other tourists with their stroller, kids, diaper bags, and the frazzled look in their eyes…just a little reminder that that’s not me. Haha Kinda mean but man, it felt good to not have to worry about anyone else but myself! Pilot and I walked hand in hand all weekend and sat uninterrupted at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m not trying to rub it in, I swear. Those of you who do get away once a year, or maybe even more, good job and I am sure your marriage shows for it. Pilot and I need this time to rekindle what we had before kids. Our kids also need to understand the importance of Mom and Dad staying madly in love!

The line-up at Mango Mango!

Sipping on Hurricanes on Bourbon street.

Not the best picture quality but it’s the only one we took at the wedding!

Stay focused on the love that started it all. If it’s dinner at home while the kids are at the in-laws, going to New Orleans for a wedding, or going to lunch down the street, strive to find those butterflies you got in your stomach when you had your first kiss. Now go have fun you love birds!


Potty Training, Crap.

Potty training, toilet learning, whatever you call it, it is dreaded by most. Totally understandable since no one wants a kid peeing in their house all day. It’s like having a puppy all over again, however this puppy doesn’t get their nose in the poop when they have an accident (very frowned upon).

So what made my experience not so bad? Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki. “The variable isn’t in the method. The variable is in the child.” Every child is different and is going to toilet train at their own pace! Every child, however must always take off the diaper. This is a milestone just like learning to eat solid foods, learning to walk and learning to talk! Milestones such as those are fun to watch because you are learning more and more about how your child learns, potty training should be no different.

My biggest pet peeve is when you tell someone you will be potty training and they respond by saying, “why don’t you wait until they are ready?” No one knows your child better than you do and if you think your child has the best potential to pee and poop in the toilet at the age of 3 or 4, than by all means, wait. I am telling you right now, children are much smarter than marinating in their own poop and pee for 3 years. I COMPLETELY understand not wanting to put one more thing on your plate when having a 2 year old (and an infant as well), but once you put your mind to it and make it a priority, than it WILL happen. Peter is 28 months (a little over 2 years old) and POTTY TRAINED! YAY! And he is because I expected this much of him and prepared him to succeed. It takes time, effort and accountability.

Before beginning your potty training journey talk to your child about what diapers are for and what the toilet is. Take them to the bathroom when you go and explain to them what is happening and say, someday you will pee and poop in the potty too! I started talking about the potty when Peter was about a year old (it’s never too early to expose them to eliminating in the toilet!). I would catch him pooping (in his diaper) and would sign “toilet.” Soon he began to make a connection with the sign and the action of pooping. It was not my intention to potty train Peter when he was 10 months old, however, it only helped him when it came time when he was 2.
Jamie maps out potty training in 4 steps, Clueless to I Peed to I’m Peeing to I have to go Pee. She says each segment can take roughly a day. Again, it depends on the child. Some kids will breeze through one segment but can stall out in another.

How Peter’s potty journey went…
Day 1: Take off the diaper and WATCH. Literally, you have one job for at least the first 2 or 3 days and that is to WATCH your toddler EVER. SINGLE. SECOND. Do not take your eyes off of him or her those first 2 days! No phone. No computer. No watching the movie your child is watching. YOU ARE WATCHING YOUR CHILD. This step is the most important because as soon as your child begins to pee, you gently say, “Oh, you are peeing (or pooping),” pick him up and take him to the potty. It is very important you do not act startled, yell, or panic. Do not say “it’s okay” because it’s not, but you are to let them recognize they are peeing. By the end of the first or second day, they should recognize the sensation of peeing and be on their way to I’m Peeing or I have to go Pee. Jamie does not like to put days with segments but it gives you an idea of where your child is moving, forward or back.

Nap time and Bedtime: We explained to Peter that diapers are only for sleep time. I put a diaper on him right before his nap and as soon as he wakes up. I ask Peter to help me take off his diaper when he wakes up so I don’t get a fight to leave it on. Same goes for night time and morning.

As soon as we felt Peter mastered I have to go Pee, which was around day 4, we put pants on him. Jamie highly suggests going commando for up to 3 weeks. Underwear feels too much like a diaper and they can regress. So, just pants it is! So far, while still keeping a close watch on him, he lets us know when he has to pee or poop so we can help him manipulate his pants quicker for him to eliminate in the potty. Don’t get me wrong, Peter has soaked through about 6 pairs of pants within the first 2 days of wearing pants because I wasn’t watching him close enough! Remember, this is still all so new, so don’t get ahead of yourself or don’t expect them to potty perfectly after mastering it naked!

We spent a lot of time outside the third and fourth days.

Rewarding. Most likely, your child’s face will light up brighter than your Christmas tree when they eliminate in the potty those first few days. Peter’s reward was taking his waste to the big toilet, dumping it, flushing and waving bye-bye. All while grinning from ear to ear! There is nothing much more rewarding than that, for both of us!

This will be some of the most challenging days of parenting because staring at your child for a few days may start to make you feel a little crazy. That’s why you should indulge in some wine or a massive amount of chocolate at the end of the day. You deserve it! I seriously recommend buying Jamie’s book, its a PDF so you can start reading and mentally preparing ASAP. She has all the answers for any dilemma you may find yourself in, along with day-care, preschool, anything like that that seems to be haunting you about potty training.

Major props to those potty training your kids who are 2 or even younger! It will be SO worth it when you are done!


A few things you will need:

Wine: For yourself at the end of the day

Coffee: Hopefully brewed by the time pee pee pants wakes up

Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki.

Potty: Keep one in the space you hang out the most in the house. Always keep your toddler aware of where it is!

Travel potty: I keep this one in my car, it can also fit in my purse (I have a giant purse).